Why Should I Buy Youtube Subscribers?

As a business owner, you may be considering ways to promote your brand and grow your audience. One way to do this is by increasing your number of YouTube subscribers. 

When you buy YouTube subscribers, you not only get more exposure for your videos, but you also create the perception that your channel is more popular and credible. 

This can help encourage other users to subscribe to your channel, as well as to visit your website or purchase your products or services.

Reasons To Buy Youtube Subscribers:

1. Grow Your Brand:

When you buy YouTube subscribers, you are able to increase your audience. This allows you to promote your products more effectively, turning viewers into customers.

2. Build Your Social Proof:

When you have a larger following on social media, people are more likely to engage with your content and follow suit by subscribing to your channel.

3. Credibility:

Buying YouTube subscribers can also help create credibility for brands that might not otherwise be considered credible or popular. Many marketing campaigns attempt to “create” virality through advertisement campaigns or launches of new products or services; however, when there is already a large following in place, the effect is much more powerful and organic than it would be if an outside force were trying to drive views and subscribers.

4. Increase Website Traffic:

When your YouTube channel has more subscribers, you will see an increase in the number of visitors to your website; because users will search for related videos, blogs and other content that is available only on the web version of your site, you may experience a boost in traffic to your homepage or other subscription-required pages.

5. Intimidation:

If someone sees that another user has many more subscribers than they do, this might intimidate them into subscribing as well to avoid feeling like they are missing out on something. 

For brands trying to increase their authority, having a large subscriber base can help bolster their position as an influencer within their industry.

Reasons To Avoid Buying Youtube Subscribers:

1. It Can Ruin The Credibility Of Your Channel & Brand:

When you buy YouTube subscribers, you are purchasing an artificial boost in your channel’s popularity. 

While this might lead to click-throughs and increased viewership for a time, eventually this effect will wear off and users may become distracted by other content that is more relevant to their interests. 

If the increased traffic does not translate into real engagement with your videos or site content, it can actually do more harm than good in the long run because viewers will lose interest when they realize that your channel isn’t popular enough to maintain interest on its own without assistance from marketing campaigns.

2. It Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Google Search Ranking:

While people often search for keywords related to your videos and channel, Google tends to give more weight to channels and websites that have a consistent content stream and a history of longevity. 

Buying subscribers might initially boost your search rankings, but it can also lead to issues with maintaining these high numbers in the long run if they are not backed up by real engagement.

3. You Can Lose Your Account & All Of Your Videos:

If you buy YouTube subscribers through an online platform that is not reputable, there is no guarantee that the subscribers will be delivered to your account or that they will be added manually.

If you purchase followers from someone who uses spambots instead of humans to add subscribers, there is a good chance that your Google account will be flagged for violating terms of service. 

This might lead to the removal of all your videos and even your entire channel, putting all of your hard work into jeopardy.

4. It Doesn’t Guarantee A Boost In Sales:

If you buy fake YouTube subscribers, you might see a temporary boost in your viewership and traffic; but when that traffic fails to produce long-term results and organic growth, you will be left with nothing to show for your investment. 

Even if these new subscribers do engage with your site content, there is no guarantee that they will convert into real customers who make purchases.

5. It Weakens The Value Of Subscribers:

If everyone knows that you buy your subscribers, it can damage the perceived value of both your channel and each individual subscriber.

If users know that fake accounts were used to add new “viewers,” they might become uninterested in watching any of your videos because they don’t think it will reflect well on them if they subscribe to someone who is not an authority within their industry.


While buying Youtube subscribers may seem like a great way to dramatically increase your viewership overnight, this strategy is one of the worst mistakes you could make for your brand online. 

Using bots or spam accounts to pad your numbers will do little good in the long run because the traffic boost created by these methods is often short-lived and never produces real engagement with your content. 

No matter how much money you spend on advertising platforms that promise to deliver subscribers, the only way to ensure that you continue growing in popularity over time is to offer valuable content that your target audience will appreciate.

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