What Instagram Hashtags To Use

Hashtags are a great way to get your Instagram posts seen by more people. But, with so many hashtags to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones to use. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the most popular Instagram hashtags that you can use for your next post and give you the answer to the question of what Instagram hashtag to use. Enjoy!

Instagram Hashtags To Use

When you are creating content for your Instagram, it can be hard to know which hashtags to use.

If you don’t include the right hashtags, your post will get buried by all of the other content that’s published on Instagram each day.

On the flip side, if you overdo it with the hashtags, people might see your posts as spam and unlike your account. Keep reading for a list of some of the most popular and effective Instagram hashtags around!

1. #love – 2 million posts

This is one of the most common hashtags that we see in our feeds every day. It’s used to describe everything from selfies with friends to cute couples’ photos and vacation pictures.

2. #instagood – 1.7 million posts

Another very popular tag that’s used by people around the world to show off their best photos, #instagood is a great one to try out if you want your images to get more likes and comments on Instagram.

3. #me – 1.4 million posts

Me, myself, and I: this hashtag is great for solo shots and selfies with friends and family. If you’re looking for a fun tag that captures all of your favorite pics of yourself without any distractions, consider using the letter ‘I’ in lowercase inside of a circle ❉ symbol. This will turn into an ice cream emoji! (Yes, really!)

4. #boho – 999k posts

In this day of technology, we’re all trying to get away from our screens as much as possible—even on social media. Boho style represents a more carefree way of living that many people can relate to these days. If you want your feed to have a bohemian feel, try hashtags like #bohostyle, #bohochic, #bohogirl, and more.

5. #naturelovers – 741k posts

If you’re outdoorsy or have a wild heart, consider using the #naturelovers tag to show off your photos. From forests and deserts to sunsets and mountain peaks, this is also a great one for people who want to showcase their adventures around the world!

6. #food – 725k posts

Foodies are all over Instagram, so consider posting your favorite recipes, restaurant snaps, and dishes with the #food tag. Many accounts use this one to promote their food-related business as well—so you’ll see everything from restaurants in major cities like New York City (#nyceats) that serve up some pretty incredible meals! 

7.#instacool – 573k posts

Have a very cool feed? Consider using the #instacool hashtag if you’d like to show it off. This is a great one for your most creative and unique pictures.

8.#meow – 469k posts

Cats rule the Internet (it’s their world—just let them have it). If you’re looking for cat photos galore, try adding #cat in front of tags like #meow, #kitten, or even just plain old #catsofinstagram. For some reason, cats always seem to look grumpy in profile pictures, but when they’re sleeping or eating, everything changes! They become softies…well, most of them anyway.

9.#instalove – 415k posts

We all love our followers, so if you’re looking for the perfect way to show your appreciation on Instagram, try adding the letter ‘I’ inside of a heart symbol ♥️ in front of any one of these hashtags: #followback, #followme, #followforfollow or simply just saying thanks by using #thankful.

10.  #selfie – 413k posts

If you see your picture as an art form, consider posting it with the hashtag #selfie. This is one of the most common hashtags around and it’s used by people of all walks of life, including models, celebrities, and other influencers.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for photography, but it can be difficult to get started. Follow this guide for using some of the best hashtags and watch your followers soar today!

This article provides tips about Instagram hashtags people should use to increase their follower count and engagement with their business’s digital marketing campaign.  

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